Good E-Commerce Website


How do you know if an e-commerce website is any good? Is it the appearance? The functionality? The search bar? Unfortunately, there is not one specific thing that makes or breaks an e-commerce website.

You should look at several factors to see if the overall package will be worth your time and money.

Here are five things to look for in a good e-commerce website.

1) Clean Design

The web design should be clean and appealing. A good e-commerce website has a pleasing design to look at and is easy for your eyes.

If you’re just browsing, shopping online can be fun, because you can stay longer on sites with pleasing designs.

Good e-commerce websites are well organized, with an intuitive layout that makes it easy to find products. After all, no one wants an ugly site they have trouble navigating through.

2) Relevant Content

Having products is not enough. A good e-commerce website should have engaging content that is more than just bland product descriptions. Consumers, especially online shoppers, are looking for brands and companies that create meaningful experiences around their interests and needs.

These can be things like useful tutorials, easy-to-understand videos about new product releases or a sense of community with other shoppers.

3) Easy Checkout Process

Most of us are busy and therefore do not want to waste time shopping around. That’s why, your website must provide an easy checkout process, one that doesn’t take more than two or three clicks, with information clearly labelled so shoppers know what they need before checkout.

Additionally, make sure you do not have any third-party elements slowing down your site.

For example, when many online stores first launched, they made use of popups—annoying little boxes at every turn asking customers to subscribe or purchase various items. Fortunately, most sites now remove these because they inhibit traffic flow and irritate users. A good e-commerce website has an efficient flow without such barriers.

4) Customer Support Available

Customer support can make or break your e-commerce website. Before doing anything else, check to see if there is live chat support on your site—if not, a factor that into your decision. The best e-commerce sites have some kind of customer service available 24/7, whether it is an actual human being you can talk to directly or an automated system that serves up answers via text messages. On top of protecting sales, customer support will also help build goodwill with customers and they will have someone they can contact if something goes wrong with their order. Happy customers are one of the most important factors in keeping them coming back!

5) Mobile Friendly

It’s no secret that more and more people are turning to their mobile devices as their primary internet devices. As of Q1 2014, Google found that 53% of all searches were done on mobile devices. That’s up from 38% just four years ago. Smart businesses have been creating content optimized for mobile, but now it’s time to go even further and create e-commerce sites designed exclusively for mobile users (and only responsive sites). According to Forrester Research, traffic from smartphones and tablets will overtake traffic from desktops by 2016. Make sure your e-commerce site is ready.

Bottom Line:

An e-commerce website that has been designed and developed with high-quality standards is sure to give your business the positive impression it deserves. Making customers want to buy your products.

Hiring experienced and knowledgeable web design agencies like The Mango Tech can help you design

good e-commerce website that looks professional, easy to navigate, and most importantly – trustworthy.

Also called online shopping sites or online marketplaces, e-commerce websites are usually used by companies selling products or services online. The popularity of e-commerce websites has grown over time because they make shopping easier. Customers do not have to go out of their homes. They just browse through various items on their screen, add them to their cart, pay through secure methods such as credit cards or PayPal and then wait for delivery at home.

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