How to get an API key for Google Maps?

  API key for Google map: An API key for Google Maps is a code given by google to approach google maps. API key gives us a free allowance for any question about the Google map. An API key for Google Maps is used for many purposes, such as directions, distances, elevation, geocoding, and more.

The Modern Guide to Marketing Information Management

  In order to successfully market their products, companies must have access to the right information at the right time, and in the right location. Doing so requires an effective marketing information management strategy that allows companies to capture, maintain, and analyze marketing data from various locations and sources in real-time. This modern guide to

How to Develop a Universal Mobile Application

  A universal mobile application offers users the opportunity to have one app that works across all their mobile devices. They can use such an app on their smart phone, computers and tablet without downloading multiple versions of the same app. For developers, developing a universal mobile app is quite a challenge. Because they must

How to Conduct a Website Usability Audit?

  It’s important to keep your website user-friendly. If your site visitors can’t complete tasks and find the information they want, they will go elsewhere to complete those tasks or find that information. To ensure that your site visitors aren’t hindered by usability issues, you should conduct website usability audits on a regular basis. This

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