The last thing you want to do when running your business is spend hours upon hours researching content marketing strategies, generating the content, and distributing it on social media platforms. It’s an uphill battle that often doesn’t result in the sales you want.

By hiring a responsible Content Marketing Agency, though, you can get all the benefits of using content to market your business without having to worry about the details of how to do it right. Here are ten reasons why you need to hire a Content Marketing Agency today!


1) Content Creation

Do you have time to create quality content? If not, and you’re hoping for your strategy to work, it won’t. There are several examples of companies that tried to do everything in-house. They worked around the clock and spent huge amounts of money creating content only to fail miserably in their efforts. Stop losing time and start building strategies that work with help from a professional content marketing agency.


2) Authority Building

If you’re new to content marketing, or just getting started with it, think of your brand as being in early adolescence. To be successful, it needs direction and guidance. The same is true for brands that have been around for a while but haven’t honed their voice. An agency can help your business find its voice and develop strategies that will help it grow.

Content marketing agencies are typically made up of subject matter experts; people who live and breathe your industry every day. Having these resources available to you on hand is essential if you hope to make inroads into new markets and create a buzz about your brand and offerings.


3) Creating an Editorial Calendar

Content marketing is a long-term strategy. That means you can’t churn out content willy-nilly and hope to be successful. It requires planning, organization, and time to see your efforts pay off. One key way to keep content on schedule is by creating an editorial calendar that details exactly what pieces of content need to be created when throughout the year.

These calendars are easy tools for keeping your content creation on track. Think of them as visual project management tools that detail what needs to get done and when so you can keep your eye on achieving your goals without wasting time or resources.


4) Manage your Digital Marketing Efforts

A content marketing agency is going to help you manage your digital marketing efforts. They’ll be able to write compelling content, drive traffic and make sure that your presence on social media is consistent. And if you’re not quite sure how to get started, they can help you with that as well. A content marketing agency should keep track of everything for you. All you have to do is approve it. This way, when people look at your brand online, they will see an expert who knows their stuff and isn’t afraid to tell everyone about it!


5) Developing your Brand Voice

On your own, you might have trouble creating a true voice or special tone that sets you apart from others. An agency can help create and promote your brand voice so that it’s consistent across all of your communications. They’ll use their experience to guide you on everything from logo design to social media content—helping you sound like an industry leader even before you’ve launched.


6) Expand Your Reach with Influencer Outreach

A great content marketing strategy focuses on providing value to your audience. How are you doing that? Have you considered working with industry influencers, rather than pitching your business directly to them? When choosing which influencers might be right for your brand, there are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What is their target market or clientele like?
  • Is it similar to yours?

Do they have an established social following who’d likely be interested in what you’re offering, but might not already follow you on social media? If so, reach out! It’s important that your message stays consistent and authentic—you’ll know it when you find it.

And remember: Your first outreach email doesn’t need to be perfect. When in doubt, keep it short and sweet.


7) Managing Challenges When Working with Writers

Managing multiple people, maintaining quality control, and finding new clients are just some of the challenges that come with working for an agency. If you don’t have experience managing staff or dealing with freelancers, content marketing services might not be for you. Or, if you’re good at those things and have time to spare—why not get your foot in the door by offering your services to existing companies?


8) Strategically Use Instagram and Facebook Ads to Drive Results

If you’re doing content marketing right, you’re going to be putting out new content all the time. Posting on social media—especially on platforms like Facebook and Instagram where visual posts do better—is easy enough that most people don’t even think about it as an activity.

But posting isn’t just sharing; it’s an opportunity to get your audience to interact with your brand by asking questions, offering feedback, or connecting with others who may need your product or service. However, using social media for business can take more time than other forms of marketing because each platform has its quirks and requirements that might not be intuitive.


9) Measuring Results so You Can Continuously Improve

It’s no secret that content marketing is ever-evolving and can be complex, especially for businesses. For example, let’s look at creating effective content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It can be hard to know how much time to spend on each channel and what sort of messaging is most effective—there’s always something new to learn.

That’s why hiring a content marketing agency will ensure you receive consistent guidance through every step of your strategy so you don’t have to figure it all out yourself—they come with years of experience in analyzing and optimizing strategies for clients just like yours. Your dedicated team will provide ongoing measurements so you know how well your program is performing month after month.


10) Save time, money and get results by partnering with an expert in content marketing services

If you need content marketing services or have considered adding content marketing as part of your overall digital marketing strategy, partnering with an expert in content marketing services makes sense for several reasons. According to LinkedIn, 75% of executives surveyed say that online advertising will be important to their companies’ sales goals over the next two years.

So, it’s no surprise that many companies are looking at ways to make more money using content marketing and social media consulting. If you don’t know where to begin with planning and executing your program, a professional Content Marketing agency can guide you down that path.

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